Another day in Maui……

12 Aug

So far this weekend has been great!! Yesterday was full!! We woke up early, had our morning coffee and yummy tropical smoothie (Thanks to the best hubby in the world) while gazing at the beautiful ocean view from our lanai.


Went to gym for a great workout (my arms are killing me today), and then explored some of South Kihei on our bikes!!

Late afternoon we headed over to one of our favorite beaches, Thousand Peaks, to meet up with some coworkers/friends.  This is a fantastic beach, and the one that we have been learning to surf on.  The beach gets its name because there are usually a ton of waves rolling in at any given time, you almost always have a wave you can ride.  However, today the waves were pretty small so we just hung out and enjoyed the sun, sand, and great company.

Heather & Me

You can see Kaho'olawe in the background

Bob came too!!  Bob is Kat & Brad’s pet chiuaua.  He is absolutely adorable.  I think he really liked Tyler because when Tyler layed down, Bob proceeded to walk over in front of him, hike his leg, and “mark his territory.”  We could not stop laughing.  (Except for Tyler that is.)


This wonderful day was concluded with date night at one of our favorite restaurants, Cuatro.  It has an asian fusion flare, and everything we have had there is beyond amazing.  Our favorite is the Ahi tuna nachos.  It is a wonton on a bed of Kula greens, topped with ahi tuna and guacomole, drizzled with a truffle aioli and an asian chile sauce.  Sooo yummy!!!

Ahi Tuna Nachos

Such a perfect day!! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the weekend brings!!!


One Response to “Another day in Maui……”

  1. alfred estelline owens August 19, 2012 at 3:44 am #

    WOW! it is so beautiful there. Pour Bob uh I mean Tyler. That was so funny. Love you two sweeties, Mom & Pop

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