Pokē Picnic

12 Sep

I was starving when I left work tonight, and needed something quick and easy since I was on call.  We wanted something fresh and healthy and decided to check out the Pokē selection at Foodland.

Pokē has become one of our favorite Hawaiian cuisines since we have been in Maui.  It is a raw fish salad made of cubed pieces of fresh ahi (it can actually be made from a variety of types of fish like salmon or even Octopus, but ahi is my favorite), and then marinated in a variety of wonderful concoctions like shoyu (soy sauce), sesame oil, onions, pepper, spicy mayo, oyster sauce, and wasabi aioli.  It can be eaten alone or served with rice.

The fish doesn’t get much fresher than what we have found on the island, and we plan on enjoying as much as we can with the precious time we have left!  This was a perfectly satisfying end to a busy day, complete with reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond (I love that show!!) Aloha!

We served ours with brown rice and sushi


Yummy frozen blueberries for dessert!



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