Molokai Memories Part 2

14 Oct

The next couple of days spent on Molokai were spent relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the island.

Day 2 started with a yummy blueberry smoothie!! It was made with blueberries purchased from a local grocer/snackshop which set us back a whopping $18!! Totally worth it!!

Afterward we set out to explore beautiful Halawa Valley. Tyler actually let me drive!!!

Which was surprising considering the road was narrow, winding, and cliff side much of the way. (Tyler is not a very good car rider).

There were beautiful vistas ….

towering waterfalls….

and great views of Halawa Beach.


This is probably the best drive on the whole island.


We stopped at a beautiful beach on the way back to take in the view of Maui from across the channel.


Later I relaxed with a glass of wine and we watched the USC vs. Stanford game…. (USC lost!!)

….and then a fun game of poker (I won!)


Our last day was spent lounging poolside by the ocean 🙂. I can’t think of a more relaxing way to end a perfectly chill weekend!

We had fabulous views of Lanai and Maui.


It was a perfectly clear day and the ferry back was smooth sailing. The weekend on Molokai was just what we needed, but we were glad to be back home.

Maui No Ka Oi!!


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