The Garden Isle

18 Oct

Recently we were fortunate enough to spend 6 glorious days on the “Garden Isle” of Kauai.  It was a long overdue vacation that left us both feeling relaxed and re-energized.

For those of you who know me well, you know I’m kind of obsessive about planning vacations, or really just any excursion.  Tyler would call it a sickness; I call it being efficient.  I research as much as I possibly can about the location we are going to: things to do, places to stay, eat, shop etc.  Then I try to pack as much into each day to ensure that we don’t miss a thing.

It has afforded us some amazing experiences, but we are usually so exhausted at the end of our trip that we need a vacation from our vacation.  For this reason I promised Tyler I would make sure to plan “downtime” on this trip.

It turned out to be the best vacation I have ever been on.  We were able to see the whole island, fit in several hikes, taste some amazing food, and still have plenty of time to, as Tyler would put it, “vacate”.

We stayed on the north shore for 3 nights and the south shore for 2.  We chose to stay in B&B’s the whole time because we love meeting new people, and it was a great way to see parts of the island we probably wouldn’t have traveled to if we had stayed in a hotel.

The north shore B&B was hands down my favorite location.  We stayed in a little town named Kilauea at the River Song.  Everything was perfect, from the delicious breakfasts of exotic fruits and yummy banana bread, to the sounds of a rushing river to sing us to sleep.  The hospitality shown by our hostess Nicki was unsurpassed, and it was the perfect location with easy access to so many north shore activities.  River Song is definitely on the top of our B&B list.

We stayed at the Strawberry Guava B&B on the south side of the island for our last two nights.  It was very cozy and the breakfasts were great!  So great, in fact, that Tyler even tried to take another guests’ half eaten papaya off her plate!!  This addiction is seriously getting out of hand.  


River Song & The Strawberry Guava were the perfect home bases for exploration of  Waimea Canyon, Kalalau trail, Poipu, Queen’s bath, and so many other wonderful Kauai sights.  Stay tuned for highlights!


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