New Year’s Resolutions

22 Oct

Okay, okay I know what you’re thinking….It’s not even Halloween!  How can you be thinking of New Year’s Resolutions?  Well, I say to you, you can never plan too far ahead for anything:).

I recently had a discussion with Tyler about all the things in my life I have always wanted to accomplish, but never really thought were possible; become fluent in spanish, learn to cook like Giada De Laurentiis, play the piano and the list goes on and on.  I decided these things weren’t impossible, they just require the initiative and discipline to follow through.

I got really excited as we were talking, and decided I would set goals for myself 3 at a time.  I promptly voiced that my first three goals would be to learn Spanish, play the piano, and train for a sprint triathlon.  Tyler just looked at me and shook his head.

What? I could totally do it.

He nicely suggested I not take on so much at one time because I might get burned out more easily and give up.  I hate when he’s right.  Then I remembered a blog post I read by A Beautiful Mess.  I was inspired.  I decided to be more specific in my goals, but instead of giving myself until 2013 to accomplish them, I would turn them into resolutions for the year.  I wanted goals that would have a positive impact on my life and would stimulate my brain.

So here are my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Learn Spanish.  Becoming fluent in Spanish would be an amazing accomplishment for me.  When I worked a contract in Austin, TX, a lot of my patients spoke Spanish as there first language.  It was then that I started seriously thinking about learning to speak it.  Although we had translators, I think it would have been so much more therapeutic if I would have been able to communicate with them on a more personal level.  Spanish is such a beautiful language, and I think being bilingual  opens up so many doors in that you are able to understand a different culture in a whole new way.
  2. Read 1 Biography every 3 months.  I love, love, love to read.  But I have noticed rarely do I read anything other than fiction novels.  Unless you count Redbook or Women’s Health magazines. I don’t.  There is just something about taking a break from the everyday, and getting lost in another world.  But its time to expand my library.  People are fascinating, and I always love to hear stories of perseverance & rising above it all, or just how someone handles what life throws their way.  I thought that reading trues stories about notable celebrities, historical figures, or successful moguls might inspire me.  At the very least I think broadening my library will introduce me to new writing styles which could prove to be very influential.
  3. Do at least 10 minutes of cardio exercise 5 days a week.   This may actually be more difficult than learning Spanish.  Just kidding.  I actually like being active.  However, I would not call myself a “gym person.”  On average I probably work out 2-3 times per week, and some of that is in the gym on the treadmill or elliptical and doing strength training exercises.  But a lot of it is done by just getting outdoors and having fun, which I prefer.  I love hiking, biking, surfing, playing (at) tennis, swimming, etc.  However, I don’t see the types of results when it comes to weight loss that I would like.

Part of this is probably my diet, but a lot of it has to do with consistency.  I will be really diligent about going to the gym for a few weeks, and then life happens and before I know it it’s been a month since I’ve been.  My overall goal is to be as healthy as I can be.  I figure if I do that everything else will fall into place.

I hear all the time you should try to do at least 10 minutes of activity everyday.  So that is what my goal is, to strive for consistency.  Sure there will be days when I do more than 10 minutes of cardio, but for 5 days of the week there won’t be any less than that.  Wish me luck!

So why, you ask, am I planning these resolutions so far in advance.  Well, for someone who likes to gather as much information as I possibly can, this gives me plenty of time to formulate a plan.  I find that I am more successful with the follow through if I have an outline or strategy in place.  A little neurotic I know, but it works for me!!

I have two months to research the types of biographies that would be most interesting to me, and the best way to go about learning Spanish whether it be Rosetta Stone or taking a class.  It also gives me time to work out an exercise routine that works for me.  Although, I may have to start working on this resolution a little earlier with the season of eating upon us.  

I like the idea of blogging about my progress because it helps hold me accountable. Hope you enjoy my journey, and as always any suggestions for good books to read, resources to learn from or just healthy encouragement are welcome!


2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. KH November 6, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    I can totally teach you how to play the piano! But … we should start a bucket list of all the stuff we are going to do together when you move home!

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