About Me

Hi, I’m Kim.  I’m a registered nurse, and I deal in mending broken hearts.  I work in the cardiac cath lab, and there is nothing like the feeling of knowing you helped save a life.  I love my job and feel lucky to be in a profession that allows as much versatility and mobility as nursing does.

I am married to my best friend who just so happens to be the most amazing man in the world.   He allows me to be independent and simultaneously supports me when I falter.  He challenges me to learn things about myself I never knew.

Most recently, I have taken my profession on the road.  We have embarked on the ultimate adventure of travel nursing.  I have seen so much of this great country and have really broadened my knowledge and experience of my specialty.

My passions include traveling, books, friends, hiking, the ocean, coffee, camping, Christmas, fro yo, scuba diving, and the list keeps growing.  Everyday I learn something new about myself.  My life is as variable and rich as a kaleidoscope.  This is a blog about my adventures, passions, and all the new challenges that lay ahead.  Thanks for visiting!


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