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Sticking to my Resolutions

9 Jan

new years resolutions

Happy New Year.  2013 brought me a cold.  Yay.  I’ve mostly  recovered, but still sniffly.  Despite this minor set back, I am determined to make good on my New year’s resolutions.  I started my first biography last night.  I decided to go with Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton as my first book.  Princess Diana was one of England’s most iconic figures, and with the short time she had on this earth she influenced so many people’s lives all over the world.  I’ve only read the first few pages, but I think it’s gonna be really good.

I also signed up for a Spanish speaking course through Babbel.  It’s a subscription based program that makes it really affordable to learn a new language.  I like it because it teaches you words visually, has you type them, and incorporates speech recognition so you know if you are pronouncing the word correctly.  It seems promising so far.

I also thought I would “weigh” in on my cardio experiment.  I lost a total of 2 pounds of fat, 1/4 of an inch from my waist, and 1/2 an inch from my hips!  It just goes to show consistency is key.  I feel great and despite a week of the sniffles I have gotten back into the gym, and I’m ready to ramp it up!!  Hope everyone has a very happy 2013.